Caught Red-Handed Podcast Henna artists talking about henna

December 16, 2020  
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Monique, Jen and I have been chatting throughout the pandemic, trying to find ways to keep creative and support each other, but always coming back to the same topics of henna, Morocco, and Moroccan henna. We had talked about getting the podcast back in service but we were stumped about what we could talk about. Finally after months of waiting for the muse to arrive we decided to just invite you sit  in on our chats about Moroccan henna. We will be interviewing various people who grew up in Morocco, went there for summers, or those who have lived or travelled there...with an emphasis on henna. To get our feet wet we are interviewing each other, starting with Monique in this episode. We hope you will enjoy this little trip to Morocco with all its sights, smells, sounds and sighs. Is there someone you'd like us to talk with...share it in the comments!

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